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   Health Care Service Overview

Our focused care is pain management, esp. Low Back Pain (LBP). LBP can be treated by acupuncture. We see many patients whose LBP is significantly improved by our acupuncture techniques.

We also provide general cares of:

  • Oncology Supportive Care,
  • Gastroenterology care,
  • Neurology care,
  • Pulmonology care,
  • Dermatology care, and
  • Gynecology care.
General cares are the services we provide with general clinical trainings and experiences. The resources of general clinical trainings have been Bastyr University, Bastyr Center for Natural Health, Chronic Fatigue Clinic at Harborview Medical Center, Rainer Park Medical Clinic, Shang Hai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, CEU's, and our patients. The list of general cares is updated as we gain more clinical trainings and experiences and self-confidence on the conditions not listed. For more details of the conditions treated for each general care, please go into each general care in the menu on the left side.

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